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Our Story

A Company Founded in 2020, the visionary company, Astrovision, was brought to life by its CEO and Founder, Badis Tebib, and guided by the dedicated leadership of Sabrine, their esteemed manager. With just two individuals at the outset, this enterprise embarked on a journey that would ultimately transform the realm of astrology and parapsychology services. From humble beginnings, Astrovision has flourished into an organization with 17 devoted team members who share a common passion for providing invaluable insights and guidance to its clients. As a company that believes in harnessing the cosmic energies, Astrovision's growth has been as remarkable as the celestial bodies that inspire its work. Yet, Astrovision's journey is far from complete. With an unrelenting commitment to its vision, the company now looks beyond borders, aiming to expand its footprint on the international stage. The success that Astrovision has experienced thus far stands as a testament to the dedication, determination, and belief in its mission. As it looks ahead, Astrovision remains dedicated to offering exceptional services and guiding its clients towards a more enlightened and fulfilling future. In the vast cosmos of the business world, Astrovision's star continues to rise, illuminating the way for those seeking clarity and insight.

Meet the Team

We've assembled a team of the very best.

Our experts bring passion, skill, and dedication to every project, ensuring outstanding results.

Discover the strength behind our success

meet the best team in the business


Meet our accomplished executive team.

These leaders bring a wealth of experience, vision, and determination to our organization. Their expertise guides our success, and their commitment fuels our growth.


Badis Tebib

Founder - CEO


Sabrine Ben Haddou

Co-founder - General Manager 

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